Jaw Drop Games A Dinosaur Survival Horror Game Deathground

In accordance with Deathground’s In the pre-alpha reveal trailer, it shows players escaping through warehouses, dinosaur centers, and jungle-like if they were escaping Jurassic Park.

Be aware that the trailer is may not represent the product and pre-alpha gameplay. It also doesn’t imply the game is in a condition.

If there’s something it’s dinosaurs. That’s why Deathground Book a copy of the game for about $16.

The game Kickstarter, it’s a first-person solo or co-op survival horror game, where the players or player face off against a variety of AI-controlled dinosaurs. Players will have an arsenal of tools and weapons at their hands with which to carry them directly or to stealth around dinosaurs.

Deathground will even feature exceptional classes in order that every character feels exceptional. Otherwise, it’s fairly gameplay. Players enter a stage and go to an extraction point while avoiding dinos.

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