Ready Player Two Sequel Novel Coming This Year

Penguin Random House has verified that Ready Player 2, the sequel to Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One, will soon be releasing this November.

Cline printed Ready Player One in 2011, the achievement of that enabled him to turn into a fulltime writer.

In 2018, Spielberg made a live-action film as Lady Player 1.


In addition to the timeless film homage, the popular look of hot vehicles and characters like Delorean in Back to the Future Kaneda’s bike in AKIRA RX-78 Gundam, and Mechagodzilla is now a hot topic.

Game Wars declared in 2011 by novelist Ernest Klein is a science fiction work set in the VR world Oasis, which can be full of pop culture from the 1980s.

High school student Wade unravels a number of puzzles to discover Oasis Creator James Halliday’s legacy.

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