Universal Wants To Make A New Monster Movie

hile There’s a long tradition of kid-friendly Horror adventures, recent years have proven there’s just as much of an interest in that blend as ever, as evidenced by movies like Goosebumps, The Addams Family, and the Hotel Transylvania series.

As far as the monsters they’ve experienced a number of ups and downs in the last few years, with the trend showing a rise in attention from studios.

Leaned to the horrors of the premises the figures had a number of run-ins with comedians Abbot and Costella, resulting in this series.

Robux titles

Despite them not being the official Universal Monsters, 1987’s The Monster Squad watched a group of teenagers has confrontations with a vampire, werewolf, and swamp creature, crafting a mad-cap adventure with surrogates of all the famous figures.

Hit at theatres and was a hit with viewers and critics alike. Much like Back in the first times of the Universal Monsters, pictures like Dracula, The Mummy, along with Frankenstein Earlier this year, Leigh Whannell’s brand new Spin on The Invisible Man Inside a filmmaker taking a notion and reimagining it they Director Josh Cooley, who recently delivered the emerging conclusion of the Toy Story franchise with last year’s Toy Story 4, has been verified to be creating a family-friendly adventure featuring the iconic Universal Monsters.

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