Monster Hunter To Be Release Next Year

Sony Pictures haven’t announced the cause of the postponement, but, like many others are probably due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The Story is going to be the picture’s original, but that was said by Anderson Is the leader of this unit Played with Jovovich and gets caught up in an enormous dust storm and wanders to an unknown universe.

The movie Monster Hunter Paul WS Anderson, who worked on the film Resident Evil series, shot the megaphone, and Mira Jovovich starred.

According to Capcom’s favorite game series, Dragon Hunter was initially scheduled for simultaneous release on September 4, 2020, in Japan and also The United States, but the release schedule of Sony Pictures from the USA has been upgraded along with the US launch date is 2021 April 4 It was changed to 23rd of the month.

The film is an action film that depicts the market and joint struggle between hunters as well as the US military forces who were entrusted with the job of exploring another world full of critters.

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