Universal Wants To Make A New Monster Movie

So far as the monsters, they have experienced many ups and downs in the past couple of decades, together with the trend showing growth in focus from studios.

Despite these not being the official Universal Monsters, 1987’s The Dragon Squad observed a group of teens has confrontations with a vampire, werewolf, and swamp monster, crafting a mad-cap experience with surrogates of all of the famous figures.

Producer Jason Blum Desires Blumhouse, to Create more Generic monster movie reboots Following the Achievement of The Invisible Man.

A reimagining of the famous character created by H.G. Wells, the movie has grossed over two times its $7 million budget in the box office. With these kinds of returns, it is little wonder that the studio is currently looking ahead into the future. In his conclusion, Blum appears content to come along for the ride provided that Universal will possess him.

Of their low-budget terror film manufacturing version throughout the previous ten years, it is difficult to take issue with the concept of Blumhosue continued to assist with Universal’s monster film reboots.

In the same way, the lukewarm responses to movies like Dracula Untold and The Mummy (2017) imply the studio is much better off not attempting to change their classic creatures into shadowy superheroes – such as those reboots failed – and focusing more on figuring out how to create them frightening for contemporary audiences.

Provided that they continue to do that, the chances are Blum’s name will probably be showing up at the credits for a lot of Generic monster names over the years beforehand.

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